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My First Blog

This title says it all, this is actually my first blog EVER.

One of the main reasons I wanted to start blogging is so that I can get to know all of you better.  I would love a place that if you have a few minutes, you can grab a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine and run across something you can use.  Maybe a trick that I have learned, or someone has shared on here to help with: stabilizer choices, those endless pucker questions, which type of scissors are best for applique, or even whether or not you should wash something first or not.  Whether you craft as a hobby or you make a living at it, we all could learn a little something from one another!

STABILIZER TIP:  I use 2 pieces of fusible poly mesh stabilizer on our floral sleeve baby gowns.  I use one piece, iron it down, then I rotate the next piece 90 degrees and iron that Ruffles Raglan Gownpiece down (I am a floater, I float everything).  The reason for the two pieces of poly mesh is because our floral raglan baby gowns are 95% cotton and 5% spandex so they have a little stretch to them. In my opinion, that keeps me from getting those puckers.  I use tear-a-way stabilizer in my hoop/fast frames to pin the gown down, then off to the machine it goes!  If you are one of the ones that have the saying "If you wear it, don't tear it" then just hoop another piece of poly mesh stabilizer.  If you have a tip, please share!

Remember, a messy craft room just means you've been busy!






  • Hi Anissa
    Yes I just pull back the fusible poly mesh stabilizer to the embroidery or applique part cut around my design then re-iron. I always use some type of over stitch product as well.

    Little Blanks
  • Do you remove the iron on stabilizer once you’ve stitched the design? I’ve never used it. Thank you!

    Anissa Gilmore

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