Imperfect Girls Infant Footie Sleepers with Ruffle & Spliz Footies

Clearance:  These products are considered imperfect due to a small stain or two that was noticeable in the packaging.  Unknown what the stain is or whether it can be removed via washer.  These also would make great samples to show off your creativity.

See pics for examples.

***Extra Clearance on these!!!!   The pink and white striped footies are clearance due to a fabric flaw on the bolt.***  

Original Listing:

Footies are a staple item for babies...and they ruffled ones make them super cute!  Each sleeper has fold-over sleeves to help keep baby from scratching themselves.

100% interlock cotton

Available in sizes Newborn to 9M

White with white ruffles, White with pink ruffle, and black with white ruffle

Matching knotted beanie cap (NB size) is available HERE.